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Internet Safety For Seniors

A brief word on a very important issue: internet safety for seniors. Seniors are often the target of different types of online abuse and exploitation. Including scams aimed at accessing our bank accounts.

I experienced this firsthand over the past few months when I began receiving rude and intrusive comments, along with an attempt to obtain bank information.

Seniors tend to be more trusting. In addition, we are often perceived as being weaker and easier to scam or emotionally abuse. We’re also less likely to report such incidents.

There are some excellent articles about cyber dangers written specifically for seniors. Including the steps we need to take to protect ourselves. My own experience definitely increased my awareness of these dangers.


Matzoh Ball Soup

I was adopted and may be Jewish by birth. So this recipe remains a family favorite!


1/4 cup vegetable oil

1/4 cup water

4 Eggs

1/2 tsp. salt

1 cup matzoh meal


Blend eggs, oil, salt and water in a large mixing bowl

Add matzoh meal

Mix well

Chill at least one half hour

Add either 1/2 tsp. salt or tbsp. oil to 4 quarts water

Bring to a boil

Chill your hands by washing them in cold water. This keeps the mixture from sticking to your hands while forming matzoh balls.

Begin forming mixture into one to two inch balls (roll into ball with palms).

Drop into boiling water

Cook until they float: No less than 15 minutes. No longer than 20 minutes.

If some don’t float, just make sure they cook for at least 15 minutes. No longer than 20 minutes.

The matzoh balls will puff up as they cook.

We add the cooked matzoh balls (approx. 10-12) to one 32 ounce box low sodium chicken broth.

We also add sliced cooked carrots and (sometimes) a few noodles.

Blog Updates

Answered Prayer And Changes To The Blog

Hello Everyone!

Due to ongoing issues with my vision I decided to disable the comment feature on the blog.

My vision issues are a symptom of a serious (but treatable) vascular condition that may have contributed to a mini stroke last month. I’m currently undergoing some tests and will begin seeing a number of doctors. From what I understand, treatment will be ongoing. Possibly, several years or longer.

My apologies! I will still be sharing my crafts and recipes; but really need to limit print. I didn’t want to delete the blog. And this seemed like a good alternative.

I’m continuing to trust God to help me through this situation. After considerable blurred vision and pain in my right eye, I prayed to not lose my vision. Thankfully, God brought this to light when I shared my symptoms and concern with my nurse practitioner: who is as sweet as she is competent and proactive. Definitely, answered prayer in every area!

No matter what age you are, but particularly seniors: If you experience any changes with your vision, seek medical attention immediately.