A Few Of My Felt Crafts

I really love my Sizzix die cutter: which is how I made these little felt pieces. I’m looking forward to my return to crafting in the new year. Particularly, felt crafting.

Even with some weakness in my arm, the die cutter should offset my deficits.


Sorting Things Out

I’m enjoying a very quiet Sunday at home. Yesterday, I sorted my craft supplies and the rest of the Christmas decorations. There’s just something about peace and quiet that really helps us to sort things out in every area.

My unpacking went very well, with no signs of A-fib. Although, I still need to be careful of little irregularities. (To me, little irregularities. I’ll have my cardiologist’s opinion next week, and I’m sure it will be a good one.)

It’s taken time to process everything that I went through this past year. And being human, there were also a good bit of tears shed. Especially when I received my cancer diagnosis and had a stroke. At the same time, I’ve also learned that faith doesn’t mean we’re devoid of emotions, including fear. It helps us work through them, and sustains us in the most challenging of times. And this year was, most definitely, a very challenging year.

I’m planning to return to crafting in January. With a new addition: fabric crafting. My arm is still weak, and I hit my chin with the spoon more times than I would like. But, I miss crafting. So, that’s the goal.

But for now, I’m just looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my kids.

I’m Home…once again!

And so grateful to be here. I mostly had an asthma exacerbation, following exposure to smoke from a local fire. But, due to pain in my arm there was also a suspicion of more DVT blood clots. So, I finally had an ultrasound before I left the hospital, and found out that the Eliquis is working and there are no new blood clots. For which I’m very grateful to God.

Also, the hematologist accepted me as a patient, and will see me in his office since the Eliquis is preventing new clots. I’m very grateful for this news since the cardiologists suspect I have a blood clotting disorder, due to a long history of blood clots and strokes.

I saw him in the hospital before my cancer surgery last year, and found him to be very gentle and compassionate. He called from the office to see if I was being discharged, or if he could see me tonight. But, decided on an office visit since there are no new clots: which works for me.

A Simply Delicious Meal…

And one of my favorites… eggplant parmesan. My son found a pre-cooked casserole, added some garlic toast, and we had a delicious meal while setting up the Christmas tree.

We’re keeping everything simple. I’m also back in the hospital. Asthma episode and suspicion of blood clots.

At least I was home for Thanksgiving and the past two weeks. Ironically, I began the process to see the hematologist today. I’m definitely taking it one day at a time!

Just Taking It One Day At A Time

Today I had my occupational therapy evaluation. I have significant weakness in my right arm, along with milder weakness in my left arm. I was already diagnosed with myopathy, which causes weakness in the muscles of both arms and legs. The stroke just caused my right side to be much weaker.

Her recommendation is six weeks of therapy, to try to build up the strength in both arms. Along with exercises to help improve fine motor skills in my right hand.

I found one pound dumbells on Walmart.com. Which is my “bargain of the month”, since they’re only ninety nine cents each. The therapist suggested using a bottle of water or soup can, but I can’t hold them.

I’m really hoping the therapy helps. I’ve also decided to postpone crafting until the new year. Time will tell how much I’ll be able to do at the end of the six weeks. (I’m mentally prepared if there’s little or no improvement.)

More limitations are definitely frustrating. But, I have added vacuuming, dusting, and light microwave cooking to my “can do” list. Along, with being able to make my signature tomato sandwiches.

So, for now, I’m just taking things one day at a time. And maybe that’s the greatest lesson in all of this.

I Neglected To Mention…

that I have my own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

Actually, a gift from Patrick when the two of us took a trip to Los Angeles in ’07.

I had wanted to live in L.A. since I was nineteen, and finally had my wish fulfilled in 2011. So, now I have lived from Maine to California, and a number of places in between.

Someday, I would love to see the Northern Lights. But, with the need to be close to my doctors, that’s still on the wish list.

*I’m still opening boxes filled with wonderful memories.