Home and Cooking!

I’m so glad to be home and fixing a pot of vegetable barley soup. It’s always good to get back to daily living, no matter how simple!

One of the most difficult aspects of living with multiple chronic health conditions is balancing my medical needs with everyday living.

I have been living with several conditions for a number of years. My heart and cancer surgeries pushed them to the background, which led me to wonder if they were no longer an issue. Wishful thinking!

For today, I am just going to enjoy my soup.


12 thoughts on “Home and Cooking!”

  1. I’ve felt the same after staying in hospital, that I’ve been glad for the simplicity and getting back to day to day life (this feeling doesn’t always last long for me before I get caught up in it and stressed out again, but it certainly gives you a new perspective and appreciation for things). Enjoy your soup! 🙂
    Caz xx


  2. I’m so sorry! I know, from having spent a month at one time in the hospital 2 years ago (and a total of almost 4 months over a 2 year period) that it just plain wears you out. You long for home and your own bed and food, too!
    I’m so glad you feel up to cooking! The soup looks YUMMY!


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